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Retaining Walls and Steps


     Natural Landscape Minnesota, Inc. specializes in defining outside spaces by adding retaining walls and steps in unique and natural designs. These two hardscape elements not only serve a purpose, but add beauty and distinction while creating durability, continuity and flow to your landscape. 

     Residential and commercial properties may require retaining walls for a variety of reasons such as variation in slope or drainage issues within the landscape.  However, besides functionality, a retaining wall today is expected to enhance the landscape rather than just blend in.  It is one of our passions to use retaining walls to help turn "ordinary" landscapes into amazing works of art. 

     We use a variety of materials to create retaining walls that are natural and serve their purpose.  Often times, our creative designs will include mixing materials such as wall stone with boulders in the same retaining wall to add beauty, texture, and interest.


     Steps are another element that can be added as needed or simply to invite you to enjoy another part of your landscape.  From our experience, we have found that dimensional saw cut steps in materials such as granite function perfectly and will last forever.  We believe that a perfectly positioned set of steps can change the way one views their outdoor areas. 

     Looking from your window or from a distance in your yard, a set of narrow steps paired with a beautiful paver pathway can lead your eye and imagination into the garden and beyond. 





     We enjoy creating designs that entice our clients to enter and enjoy their  gardens.  We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your retainage needs and how we can create the feel you are looking for.  We are confident in our experience in design and installation that your steps, retaining walls and other hardscape work will be done with exceptional expertise and the highest quality workmanship. 

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