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Finishes for Benches

     In order for our benches and other stone items to reflect the desired organic and natural look, we use a variety of processes that give different finishes to the natural stone. Sandblasting, heat torching, hammers, chisels and diamond blade grinders may be used to give the finish we believe fits the stone.  Here are some examples of finishes you may see on our benches, birdbaths and other stone specialty items:

Thermal Finish:  A natural, textured finish which is attained by using a heat torch to blister or pop the stone.  This is often a finishing touch to other processes in order to soften chisel and grinder marks.


Sandblasted Finish:  A finer texture created from sandblasting areas that have been sawn-cut.  The result is a natural stone surface with a smoother, less rustic appearance.


Fractured/Split Finish:  A rougher surface created by using a hammer and chisel, generally on the edges of the natural stone to give the product a more rustic appearance.


Polished Finish:  If we received natural stone from our stone sources that had been polished beforehand (we do not polish stone), we may produce some benches with this type of finish available. In this case, the appearance of the top of the bench would then have a reflective, smooth quality.  Depending on the stone, we may combine some thermal or sandblast techniques to soften the edges around the polished areas for a more unique look.


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