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Pricing and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions including pricing:

How are your Natural Stone Products priced and is there a price list available? 

  • Because every bench that we manufacture is unique and our inventory changes constantly, we do not have a price list available.  Each bench is priced independently according to its size, style and various details.  Benches start at $300 and go up to $2000. The average bench we sell is approximately $600.  
  • Birdbaths,  fairy Houses and other stone items that we manufacture also vary according to size, uniqueness and only examples are shown on website; therefore, we do not have prices listed.
  • Birdbaths start at $90 and go up to $500.  The average birdbath sold is $200.
  • Fairy Houses start at $140 and up to $550.  The average fairy house sold is $195.
  • Smaller imported stone items such as owls, snails, and lanterns that we do not manufacture are priced on the website (Inventory not guaranteed).

Are the legs of the benches attached to the top?
  • The legs of the benches are securely attached with silicone so that they are delivered as one piece.  We also have some benches that are made of one-piece of stone so the legs are not seperate and do not have to be siliconed..these are typically more expensive.
What material are the benches and other stone items made of?
  • Most of the benches and stone sculptures are made of granite, but we do have some made from limestone or Kasota stone.  The birdbaths and lanterns are all granite.  We do not have any products from man-made materials such as concrete.
How do we care for our benches and other stone items?
  • Because the benches are made of natural stone, they require no maintenance.  The birdbaths may be cleaned by using a wire brush.  All our products can stay out all winter long. 
How do we buy your products and do you have an online store?
  • Because most of our items are all unique, most people will visit the Display Garden to pick out their bench, birdbath, or other stone item.  Owls, lanterns, and other imported items that are uniformly priced can be purchased over the phone or by email if they are available.  
  • We have a seperate site for purchasing Natural Stone Fairy Houses, please visit or you can also buy them at the Display Garden at an open event or by appointment.
  • Natural Stone Pet Memorials can be purchased online only, please visit
How do we visit the Display Garden to purchase your Natural Stone Products?
  • Our Display Garden is open by Appointment or special events or open hours.  The Display Garden is closed for the winter season depending on snowfall.  Please contact us or visit this page of our site for current Display Garden Hours and other Events.  
How do I purchase a special Natural Stone Memorial for a special person or event and how much should I budget?
  • In general, to memorialize an average $600 bench, you need to budget $300 more for adding engraving or plaque and $100 for delivery (depending on location).The budget figures will change depending on the price of the bench you choose, the size of the plaque or amount of engraving required. Please contact us visit this page of our site for information on Memorials.    

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